After lot's of interest and talk about gigawidgets and marketing widgets, especially since online marketers have begun to use them. In their simplest form, widgets are simply pieces of embeddable code that are found on a site, and embedded in another that is used to promote another site or blog. Widgets have become popular with users of online forums and "social marketing".

Gigawidgets are used for link baiting, and the next logical step is for advertisers to develop widgets for their specific avenue of marketing.

Widgets can also be used to promote your site and associated content. Examples of uses would include media, internally developed content, live broadcast or RSS Feeds. Examples of sites already using GigaWidget's for marketing are:

My Blog Log
Reuters Widget
Poll Daddy

I've been microblogging a little on the widget's that can display your post, live as you load them. Facebook uses something like this.