While the term Gigawidget has been around for years, nobody has ever taken the time to explain what one is exactly. This page will attempt to clarify the myths surrounding widgets and specifically the remotely prolific gigawidget.

Because somebody has to be the first to define a word, I've taken it upon myself to do so. Rightfully so, as I made it up. So, here it goes...GigaWidget is a term sometimes used to describe an object that is fictitious. The term is also used for obfuscation, if the objects real make-up or composition is unknown. The word is generally applied to technology, or the implementation of technology, making it truely unique.

The Etymology of GigaWidget is somewhat contentious. Widget is not explained in most dictionaries. The origin came from a 1924 play "Beggar on Horseback", by George Kaufman and Mark Connelly.

Although the term Widget is used in many different applications, the term Gigawidget was first applied by GWI, a subsidiary of the WWW association.

GWI worked to develop the Gigawidget based on their need to improve the general lifestyle and standard of living for it's employees, pursuant to, the inevitable subsequent additional benifits of increased productivity in the work-place. As one of the first RSS Widget projects, the team quickly realized RSS had interesting marketing capabilities.

As the product was developed, it became obvious that other applications were possible. Byron Calle, of WWW working group, discovered that once the output was doubled, the subsequent heat generated could be used to keep the subject warmer by diverting the flow. This had additional benefits of cooling the rotating heads in the upper and sub axis of the PFM circuits. This was especially important as they are made of Unobtanium and cannot be replenished cost effectively today.

As background, I've listed a few links below that discuss the common widgets today. If you run across more, please take the time to send me a link and I'll add them to the site. Take special note of the weather widget. Always good for an update on weather conditions and disaster events.

Widgets Have been used to discuss economics, nitrogen filled "nuggets" in cans and bottles, comic characters in a Marvel Comic, TV series and computer applications.

Just a few of the WWW gigawidgets we've decided to list;

Windows Widgets from Softpedia
Yahoo list of Widgets

balancing nitrogen insert used by Guinness
...and more on Guinness disucssed below.
WidgetGallery site
Apple Widgets Widgets from Apple for your dashboard
Straight from the ComicVine, current info on the fan Giga and his widget
OpenGigaOpen OS runs GigaWidgets better than other OS.
Government Industrial Spending is covered here with comments on the deficit and gigawidget industrial complex budgets.
Widget Calendar should use gigawidget on the front and rear of each desktop. And more words about widgets, pfm interface and some type of comic ray gun. More on this later....

When it comes to a widget, you should consider the following. While most slice, dice and make julienne fries, maintenance and easy service chassis have to be considered. Look for revolutionary performance devices that will optimize the experience for the user.

Manufacturing process differ widely and you don't want to be caught with a widget that can't be supported.

Be the first on your block to own a gigawidget, order one today!

The main thing to keep in mind here is that although not all widgets are created equal, any widget with the term "giga" should be considered special. Take a look at these videos and see if you're inspired to get a gigawidget for yourself. Mike Shindoa, Generique Dessin and "loan lady" talk Widget's

Remember, anyone can buy a widget...but is yours giga?

The blog is up. Probably the only information on this site worth reading...
for those who just want more, look at the following links
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These links should cover issues that aren't deals with in other forums. You will also find Questions, Troubleshooting, and Tips about configuring existing widgets. If you have a widget to submit, fill out the giga form below. We'll take a look at it and make reccomendations on how to market, use, develop and service a GigaWidget. Even if you don't care.

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