It was beyond his control when dealing with the government's approach to gigawidgets. The excess spending, read over 100 million dollars, in practice today leaves little to no room for job advancement.

If the government decided to reduce another 300 billion, current gigawidget budget, the industrial development would begin immediately. Conversely, the spending could continue and Health Human Services would benefit. Job cuts, Budget cuts and the like would ensue, leading to an enevitaable failure.

One could also consider the fact that technology advances due to gigawidget implementation have given way to jobs that taxpayers are looking for. The industry can easily support multiple industrial gigawidget complex as long as the taxpayer base can continue to work.

In the future, our nation will rely on future technology advancements to properly position us for the Unqualified offerings government expenditures will provide. This defense budget provides a water shed of cash to contractors, military and other, in addition to JDAM warplanes that gigawidget technology will apply to.

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