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Unobtanium is a super strong material often used in Science Fiction novels. References to it under various names may be found in Spinnerette, Ringworld, and Space Viking. Also known as oopsium, notavailium, ucantbeserium and inyourdreamsium, Unobtainium is the most costly element known to man.

The super-strength of unobtanium is achieved by strengthening the inter-atomic bonds; these bonds are strengthened using the very strong nuclear force, which is mediated by Bogons. It is well known (see the article in the Scientific American for details) that high temperature superconductivity is mediated by Anyons, which can exist in two space but not three space. Similarly, Bogons can exist in one space but not in 2 or 3 space.

Unobtanium filaments are crystal tubes enclosing a three dimensional space. The effect is achieved by first inducing superconductivity in a planar space and then continuously deforming the crystal plane enclosure into a crystal tube. When three dimensionality is achieved the superconducting current breaks symmetry and splits into a gravitational component and a very strong nuclear force component. This strong nuclear force component strengthens the filament along the longitudital direction and the gravitational component which binds the crystalline matrix to the filament.

Unobtanium should not be excessively stressed. When an unobtainum filament is stressed the resistence of the very strong nuclear force component strengthens the gravitational component. If the stress is sufficient the filament collapses into a black hole string which explodes via the Hawking effect.

As we continue to investigate new methods of production and distribution, we'll include the latest technologes.

Unobtainium was first discovered in a mine, south of Baltimore..

Three enterprising gentlemen from the GWI Commission learned of this mysterious substance and conspired to focus all JFK assassination investigation energy on Lee H. Oswald. When too many investigators were snooping around the mine, they conspired to arrange for a man by the name of Ruby to divert attention elsewhere. When the heat finally died down, it was time for the three men to reap their rewards.

For reasons I can't divulge, I will not reveal the names of the three men....